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We provide distinct, creative products to ensure you meet your objectives.


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Creating the impossible


We aim to design unseen and seemingly impossible creative products set to leave the world amazed.


Coding creed plan to be at the forefront for creating new products in both the digital and technology hardware spaces. New technology for the United Kingdom and the Global business community feature highly on our agenda.


Beyond the




Taking the extra time to understand, analyse, create strategy, and plan the best possible product has real world impact.


With our work we go the extra mile. We  apply rigorous quality control at all stages in the project life cycle to ensure every aspect is created and delivered to the highest of standards.


We're always striving for the perfect outcome.


Incredible creative
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Let's create


It all starts with Design +.


Initiative technology


The two main areas we operate in are creative technologies and hardware. Encompassing the creative segment includes cutting edge website development using the latest coding technologies, unparalleled software development, straightforward work flow processes, and video production with exceptional graphical rendering.


Technology in business is becoming more and more important in all aspects. From automating factory production to technology in the consumer retail place. We aim to reduce the gap between online businesses and the retail space to change the product delivery cycle.

New horizons


Your vision is our mission. However complex the project in hand, have confidence that Coding creed can work to deliver and make make your project a reality.


The world is changing faster than ever before which requires a company to keep up with the pace of change. Coding creed have the new technological wave clearly set on our horizon. Join us and keep ahead of the curve.


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Always happy to help


Let's turn the vision into reality.

Let's make it happen
We provide distinct, creative products to ensure you meet your objectives and can compete on the local or global scale.