Mausoleum of Augustus

If you’ve ever wondered what the difference between a website and a ‘story telling’ website is, this is a good example by utilising some very creative web tech.


The website is based around the Mausoleum of Augustus and provides a perfect balance of creativity and information. Carefully segmented like a book you can explore around the website by using an intuitive UI. With a range of information to display you’d think this would be somewhat confusing however by combining both fixed and fluid UI elements it makes navigating simple.


The general design work is done very well, with 3D modelling used in low-poly form to give maximum impact. As you navigate through, the transition effects between models provide a nice buffer between each scene. The minimal theme and gold combination are very in keeping with the website subject also.


We really like the use of some newer web technologies to create something different. Combined with the sleek UI it creates a very nice web experience. One thing we felt could of made it even better would of been an injection of colour within the 3D objects to enhance the impact on transition. Overall very well done and it would be nice to see more of this type of web interactivity from museums in the future.


Our rating: 7.9

Website URL: Mausoleum of Augustus


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