Ever thought your end of year company reports were boring? Airbus did it a little different. The over complicated graphs and endless rows of spreadsheet data are gone and it’s now presented in a very clean cut, creative way.


The piéce de résistance of the website has to be the very appropriate plane journey explaining the vision, beliefs, aims and achievements of the year. As you land on the website you take a journey through the skies while being loosely reminded this is our company report. The combination of video and JavaScript works seamlessly well providing a fully immersive experience. Another worth while mention is how the floating elements in the sky act as quick links to the in-depth web pages for full information, good use of CTAs improving the website CTR.


The websites itself is incredibly clean cut with the perfect balance for the UX. The simple animations help give the website an extra dimension which work in harmony with cleverly placed SFX.


Overall the website has a very polished and professional feel representative of the Airbus brand. The sky journey really stole the show which couldn’t be more appropriate for the company and has such a great attention to detail.


Our rating: 6.8

Website URL: Airbus Website – Annual Company Report


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