Welcome to “the history of connection”

Thanks to achievements reached by Humankind age after age, telecommunications have evolved real fast.

High performance sport New Zealand

World-beating performance support & expertise, a winning performance is made up of many components.

SKIN – Swatch

Skin marks the dawn of a new era for swatch’s thinnest watch line.


Varagon is a lender of choice to mid-sized companies seeking flexible financing solutions.

Khenpo Sodargye

When one’s mind is mastered, anyone can enjoy the beauty of living.

Possibles – Where will the path take you?

Become immersed in the different routes as Possibles takes you on a beautiful, creative experience. Concerned with the immediate future and sustainable community development, discover where the path takes you.

Clarity – Leading the Clean Air Movement

Air pollution has already become a major global issue with populated cities some of the worst affected. Clarity is a passionate team of engineers and scientists focused on making a positive change utilising air sensing technology and data analytics to empower communities.


With such great ambition we were pleasantly surprised their message is clearly communicated. The branding/supporting media – although subtle and minimal – relates clearly to what they are trying to explain, you get it. With the support of animation you can better visualise how the tech works, which for non-techs makes life a whole lot easier.


Looking at the design the UI is pretty smart itself. Transition effects, supporting animation and some clever UX work (take a hover over the menu for example) make for a very pleasant browsing experience. Have you noticed the scroll based parallax effects used throughout the website? That’s where that gliding feeling comes from.


Overall the website clearly communicates the companies objectives in an easy, interactive way. However it’s the website menu navigation is what really does it for us and brings the whole website to life.


Our rating: 6.1

Website URL: Clarity website


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Simply Chocolate – Ecommerce

Well doesn’t this make your want a bar of their delicious looking Copenhagen chocolate. Beautiful product photography/renders are a great place to start but when you begin to combine web interactivity, you take the user experience to a whole new level.


It’s great to see the focal point is the chocolate, sometimes elaborate marketing can overshadow the product. As you arrive on the website right from the start you understand the flavor of the chocolate before reading a single piece of text, genius! The associated marketing in this case is the ingredients broken down into minimal pieces/slivers with directional shadowing giving it that perfect depth. Combining modern web UX creates a smooth transition effect between products making for a pleasant browse.


That’s only the home page! Take a look at the product itself and notice the packaging tears away and reveals the delicious goodies. Although fairly simple it takes the website that one step further building the emotional to connection between you and their product. Was you sat there imaging opening the bar yourself by any chance?


Overall the website has a great emphasis on the products and flavours tied up with a simple, interactive user experience with all the UI elements in view for easy navigation.


Our rating: 6.2

Website URL: Simply Chocolate ecommerce website


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Airbus Website – Annual Company Report

Ever thought your end of year company reports were boring? Airbus did it a little different. The over complicated graphs and endless rows of spreadsheet data are gone and it’s now presented in a very clean cut, creative way.


The piéce de résistance of the website has to be the very appropriate plane journey explaining the vision, beliefs, aims and achievements of the year. As you land on the website you take a journey through the skies while being loosely reminded this is our company report. The combination of video and JavaScript works seamlessly well providing a fully immersive experience. Another worth while mention is how the floating elements in the sky act as quick links to the in-depth web pages for full information, good use of CTAs improving the website CTR.


The websites itself is incredibly clean cut with the perfect balance for the UX. The simple animations help give the website an extra dimension which work in harmony with cleverly placed SFX.


Overall the website has a very polished and professional feel representative of the Airbus brand. The sky journey really stole the show which couldn’t be more appropriate for the company and has such a great attention to detail.


Our rating: 6.8

Website URL: Airbus Website – Annual Company Report


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Change Gout – Awareness

Explore how Gout affects lives across the globe in a creative yet informative way. The real wonder behind this website is the story behind it with a gentlemen suffering from the condition. He explains what it feels like to be living with the disease described as ‘walking on glass’.


To visually explain how it feels the artwork is based around ice like shards surrounding the human structure targeting the key points where pain occurs. The fluid scene/page transitions throughout make for a genuinely pleasant all round experience with a subtle colour scheme used in combination. From a technical point of view the website utilitises the latest in interactive web technologies like HTML5/Canvas. Although still a relatively new technology the website loads fast and is highly interactive with the shards dissolving away as you hover throughout. This type of design is still in it’s early days and uses low poly shapes to increase load times and decrease browser strain (you can read more here where we have mentioned it before).


Overall the website is an incredible all round experience on the cutting edge of web technologies. The design in combination with the story and inspiration makes the campaign visually effective explaining the condition which some people may struggle to understand. We’re sure this will help many people learn about Gout.


Our rating: 8.7

Website URL: Change Gout – Awareness


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