7UP – Netherlands Website Design

Finding it hard to create the right first impression for your product? 7UP do it perfect with their Netherlands website.


The website showcases the 7UP range available to customers in a very fun, immersive and creative way. The amount of content is actually fairly brief, but has just the right amount to inform the customer about the product and make you reach for a 7UP to clench the thirst.


They go all out with the latest web effects to give that added value and with great effect. Although simple/minimalist the artwork and animation works well and provides a seamless browsing experience. Remove the logos, would you guess the brand? That’s clever design.


Overall the website gives a fun, enjoyable experience. All the animation and graphic work just shout 7UP and you really get a feel for the brand through the website. Although not the most technical, it is done very well and in our eyes, without fault. If we had to make one comment, with such a great website it would of been great to have the language localised dependent upon country just so the non-dutch speakers can be wowed too!


Our rating: 7.3

Website URL: 7UP Website – Netherlands


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Mausoleum of Augustus

If you’ve ever wondered what the difference between a website and a ‘story telling’ website is, this is a good example by utilising some very creative web tech.


The website is based around the Mausoleum of Augustus and provides a perfect balance of creativity and information. Carefully segmented like a book you can explore around the website by using an intuitive UI. With a range of information to display you’d think this would be somewhat confusing however by combining both fixed and fluid UI elements it makes navigating simple.


The general design work is done very well, with 3D modelling used in low-poly form to give maximum impact. As you navigate through, the transition effects between models provide a nice buffer between each scene. The minimal theme and gold combination are very in keeping with the website subject also.


We really like the use of some newer web technologies to create something different. Combined with the sleek UI it creates a very nice web experience. One thing we felt could of made it even better would of been an injection of colour within the 3D objects to enhance the impact on transition. Overall very well done and it would be nice to see more of this type of web interactivity from museums in the future.


Our rating: 7.9

Website URL: Mausoleum of Augustus


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Adidas – Climachill 2017

Adidas, good job! We’re used to seeing Adidas produce some very nice websites for their products and this one doesn’t fail.


Website design trends are followed closely here. You’ll notice how the current offset square like design is seen a lot throughout the year and is compared to an Art Deco like style (loosely). Now don’t forget about the UX. With this sort of linear design parallax would not go amiss and it’s utilised through scroll based effects, of course nicely done.


If you look at little closer the attention to detail pays off. As you interact with the website you’ll be greeted by very nice animation work and sound effects (you’ve been warned!) which bring it to life followed by a full screen video. The icing on the cake has to be the image effect creating a heat wave tying in very nicely with the overall theme and it does look rather nice.


Overall the website is done well, themed very nicely and reflects the Climazone product. One thing we have to say is the website could have made better use of parallax by upping the anti on the animation strength to really give maximum impact as they can go under the radar in parts.


Our rating: 6.6

Website URL: Adidas – Climazone


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Onea – Product focused

Have a product to sell? Take note of this one. The company focuses on product orientated design showcasing – you guessed it – their lights.


Bucking the trend of a simple product shot on a web page these guys create an immersive experience indulging the user into how the light would feel in a real life environment and we must say, done rather well.


Each motion and transition has a smooth, fluid feel creating a seamless reel of products. If you notice, have you found yourself clicking on more than one product? We did too.


Great use of simple, modern design and web based technology bringing the products to life.


Our rating: 6.2
Website URL: Onea.DK


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Doritos Campaign – GOTG

Doritos have teamed up with the Guardians of the Galaxy movie to promote their new film. The website itself is pretty cool featuring all the usual space theming – if not loveably gimmicky. Page loaders and website transition effects are also very in keeping with the overall space theme.


What we love? It’s a really well designed website as you would expect from such larger companies. The UX is very nice with subtle effects creating depth throughout. The level of interactivity is also pretty impressive with seamless transition to and from events.


Not to mention if you have a code, there’s a pretty awesome game too.


Our rating: 7.2
Website URL: Doritos/GOTG


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Hennessy V.S.O.P Privilège

The Hennessy brand website provides a fully immersive experience into the brand. Virtually flawless, the brand utilises the clever web technologies like JS and Web GL to create an extraordinary experience.


It’s a real treat to see a website like this that could almost bring a tear to one’s eye. Right from the start you’ll feel an emotional connection to Hennessy through the interactivity, video production and SFX. The attention to detail on every transition, user action and scene is remarkable with no compromise made.


This is a very good example of what can be achieved with today’s web technology. Be sure to visit the website to understand what we felt.


Our rating: 9.4
Website URL: MFC


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Goggles by Wed’ze

If you’re ever looking for a reference for product orientated design then this tops it. Wed’ze have created a ‘break off’ from their main website to really showcase the Goggle range.


For ecommerce design, creative tends to get put to the back limiting the user experience (UX). Wed’ze have created an efficient website that consists of fluid transitions that add value to the sale.


Instead of saying ‘buy now’ you feel asif you’re on a journey with the goggles and the Wed’ze brand building an emotional connection. It’s not all about the sale with digital, add value where ever possible and make the user feel special.


It’s not one of our usual creative picks but this we felt needed a mention, we love the transitions, experience and colour scheme and is a solid ecommerce website.


Our rating: 6.4
Website URL: Goggles by Wed’ze


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Earth 2050

Ever wondered what 2050 holds? Well you can see what people are thinking the earth will be like in this futuristic experience. Explore the world through an interactive globe and see what’s predicted.


Great use of futuristic design as well as rendering for locations. If not a little on the scary side, it is a very well done website highlighting how the world could look.


Cyber security experts, this is one for you.


Our rating: 7.8
Website URL: Earth 2050


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Adult Swim Singles Display

Brought to you by Adult Swim, the website showcases some of their singles used in their work. Features use of WebGL with great transition effects providing a fun, interactive UX.


The graphical and illustration work when clicked on a music single is very colourful sticking fairly close to a primary colour scheme but nonetheless looks creative. Combined with clever layering the interactivity on hover is subtle, but still we think its quirky.


Our rating: 6.7
Website URL: Adult Swim


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