Explore how Gout affects lives across the globe in a creative yet informative way. The real wonder behind this website is the story behind it with a gentlemen suffering from the condition. He explains what it feels like to be living with the disease described as ‘walking on glass’.


To visually explain how it feels the artwork is based around ice like shards surrounding the human structure targeting the key points where pain occurs. The fluid scene/page transitions throughout make for a genuinely pleasant all round experience with a subtle colour scheme used in combination. From a technical point of view the website utilitises the latest in interactive web technologies like HTML5/Canvas. Although still a relatively new technology the website loads fast and is highly interactive with the shards dissolving away as you hover throughout. This type of design is still in it’s early days and uses low poly shapes to increase load times and decrease browser strain (you can read more here where we have mentioned it before).


Overall the website is an incredible all round experience on the cutting edge of web technologies. The design in combination with the story and inspiration makes the campaign visually effective explaining the condition which some people may struggle to understand. We’re sure this will help many people learn about Gout.


Our rating: 8.7

Website URL: Change Gout – Awareness


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