Air pollution has already become a major global issue with populated cities some of the worst affected. Clarity is a passionate team of engineers and scientists focused on making a positive change utilising air sensing technology and data analytics to empower communities.


With such great ambition we were pleasantly surprised their message is clearly communicated. The branding/supporting media – although subtle and minimal – relates clearly to what they are trying to explain, you get it. With the support of animation you can better visualise how the tech works, which for non-techs makes life a whole lot easier.


Looking at the design the UI is pretty smart itself. Transition effects, supporting animation and some clever UX work (take a hover over the menu for example) make for a very pleasant browsing experience. Have you noticed the scroll based parallax effects used throughout the website? That’s where that gliding feeling comes from.


Overall the website clearly communicates the companies objectives in an easy, interactive way. However it’s the website menu navigation is what really does it for us and brings the whole website to life.


Our rating: 6.1

Website URL: Clarity website


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