The world we grew up in is now so different to that of how our children will grow up. The age of the internet allows kids of all ages access to the complete world wide web. Googles new campaign helps raise awareness to help protect kids online and ‘teaches kids the fundamentals of digital citizenship’.


Why have we mentioned this website you ask? It’s a great campaign from Google and the website itself is based around an interactive game as well as text-based explanation pages for the quick facts. The game part allows you to explore the key areas within the campaign with different interactive games all with an underlying message for kids to pick up and take with them when using the internet.


From a technical point of view the website utilitises the latest in interactive web technologies like HTML5/Canvas. Although still a relatively new technology the website loads fast and and uses a nice polygon based graphics set. In the web today where you see this type of technology you’ll see that most of the graphic work is designed in polygon form. The reason behind this is just like in retro video games – where pixels and dots were your main characters- that’s all the hardware could provide, this is the same sort of principle. The current internet bandwidths would not be able to deliver high-res models for use in this sort of application and render fast enough for it work. We’re sure that day will come soon, but until then expect alot more of this sort of design. You can see another design based on this technology on the Mausoleum of Augustus website.


Overall the website is a great campaign from Google with a clear message to protect kids online. How better to get those kids engaging with your message than playing video games. The technology behind the website is something we really love to see and would love to see it used more widely but somehow we can’t see it happening till the internet catches up.


Our rating: 8.4

Website URL: Be Internet Awesome


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