Well doesn’t this make your want a bar of their delicious looking Copenhagen chocolate. Beautiful product photography/renders are a great place to start but when you begin to combine web interactivity, you take the user experience to a whole new level.


It’s great to see the focal point is the chocolate, sometimes elaborate marketing can overshadow the product. As you arrive on the website right from the start you understand the flavor of the chocolate before reading a single piece of text, genius! The associated marketing in this case is the ingredients broken down into minimal pieces/slivers with directional shadowing giving it that perfect depth. Combining modern web UX creates a smooth transition effect between products making for a pleasant browse.


That’s only the home page! Take a look at the product itself and notice the packaging tears away and reveals the delicious goodies. Although fairly simple it takes the website that one step further building the emotional to connection between you and their product. Was you sat there imaging opening the bar yourself by any chance?


Overall the website has a great emphasis on the products and flavours tied up with a simple, interactive user experience with all the UI elements in view for easy navigation.


Our rating: 6.2

Website URL: Simply Chocolate ecommerce website


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