What is a freelancer?

A freelancer is a term commonly used for a person who is self-employed and are not necessarily committed to a particular employer long-term. Freelancers may also refer to themselves as a contractor, a consultant or self-employed. Around 60% of UK business admit to relying on freelancers at some point, especially during busy periods.


There are over 2 Million freelancers in the UK alone, and they are accountable for adding the value of £21 billion to the British economy. Working with freelancers allows you to know exactly where your money is going, As most freelancers work from home/remotely, your money goes directly into supporting them and their families.

What does a freelancer do?

A freelancer will work from an at home basis, and occasionally they will work in a clients office for a short period of time. A freelance web designer will have an office like setting in their home, usually with some of the best software at their fingertips, so don’t be afraid that they can’t fulfil your online needs. Working on a remote basis gives a freelancer the opportunity to spend more time working and less time travelling.

Why use a freelance web designer?

Working with freelancers allows a great deal of flexibility. For example, if you needed only a few changes to your website, you would pay a freelancer to do just that, and unlike employing full-time staff, you wouldn’t be committed to paying them each week.


There is a whole world of talented freelancers out there, most being qualified in particular areas of business and design so you’ll be sure to find someone that suits you.

Pros and Cons of using a freelancer.


The ideal person for the job – When working with freelancers you don’t have to worry about finding someone who is the best in many different areas. You’ll often be hiring a freelancer for one particular project, therefore you can search for someone who is highly skilled in that specific area.



Flexibility – With freelancers, you have more flexibility. You hire them when you need them and don’t pay them a salary just for being at your office. With employees on the payroll, you always have to pay them for the time they are in the office, even if their workload is fluctuating.



Lower cost – In addition to the fact that you are not paying consistent salaries for times of low workload, another advantage of working with freelancers is that it keeps costs low because you don’t have to pay benefits, provide office space and equipment for them.



Availability – Since freelancers are in high demand, the freelancer of your choice could be unavailable when you need him or her. With some negotiation and planning on both sides, you can often find a solution.



Time-Consuming – It can be time-consuming finding a suitable freelancer for your project. As Coding Creed is an agency, we are actively involved with freelancers on a regular basis. We have access to an extraordinarily talented and diverse pool of individuals that you wouldn’t be able to find otherwise.


How do I find a freelance web designer?

As well as our own in-house team we work with a closely connected network of contract/freelance workers that we have built over the years. If you want to find out more about us and our freelancers you can drop us a message using the form below or give us a ring on 020 3488 1400.